Groupe Alfred Boivin

Services & the team

Through all their affiliates, Groupe Alfred Boivin offers a multitude of services that are specialized for industrial or residential clients. Having quality resources at our disposal in every area of the company makes it possible to complete successfully our valued customer’s requests, no matter the complexity.

In addition, significant business expertise in a variety of areas relating to civil engineering enables them to offer products and services tailored perfectly to the needs of their clients in the industrial, residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

Équipe et services

Groupe Alfred Boivin currently has 8 affiliates, operating in many different spheres of activity such as:

  • Civil engineering projects;
  • Blasting and drilling;
  • Snow removal;
  • Quarry and crushing operations;
  • Short and long hauls, heavy or light, across Canada;
  • Residential, commercial and industrial real estate;
  • Industrial manufacturing waste reclamation;
  • Industrial equipment and materials recycling;
  • Mobile home park management;
  • Management and consolidation of industrial sewage systems.

With Groupe Alfred Boivin, you will benefit from a multidisciplinary competent team composed of experts and professionals, such as engineers and technicians in civil engineering, training specialists, human resources experts, and health & safety, who have the skills, knowledge, expertise and experience for you to complete your projects efficiently and with the support that you need.  

Our trained specialists are qualified to meet all your needs to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our employees are expected to perform meticulous tasks quickly and efficiently. Groupe Alfred Boivin is distinguished by their ability to meet the challenges of your specific projects and we are constantly working towards continuous improvement and increased innovation.

Effectiveness, creativity, innovation and rigor are values that are highly regarded within our organization. Our team is always working to provide you with high quality and durable products. With us, you will always be assured of outstanding customer service by a team of trusted, experienced professionals that are always attentive to your every need. 

For all your requirements regarding excavation, blasting, heavy and light transportation, snow removal, real estate, industrial recycling, do not hesitate to contact Groupe Alfred Boivin who will be more than delighted to serve you. The successful completion of your project is our passion!