Groupe Alfred Boivin

Our Group

Travaux de génie civil

Located on Rue de la Fonderie in Chicoutimi, Groupe Alfred Boivin is a company specialized in civil engineering projects and who, during more of 70 years of existence, have developed an unparalleled and vast expertise in all areas relating to civil engineering. Groupe Alfred Boivin currently has 7 affiliates:

  • Entreprises Alfred Boivin (EAB);
  • Transport Alfred Boivin (TAB);
  • Innovation Industrielle Boivin (IIB);
  • Le Domaine du Saguenay (DS);
  • Les Gestions Groupe Boivin;
  • Dynamitage Forage Boivin (DFB).

Our affiliates operate in the following areas:

  • Civil engineering projects;
  • Blasting and drilling;
  • Snow removal;
  • Quarry and crushing operations;
  • Short and long distance hauling, heavy or light, in Canada;
  • Residential, commercial and industrial real estate;
  • Industrial manufacturing waste reclamation;
  • Industrial equipment and materials recycling;
  • Mobile home park management;
  • Management and consolidation of industrial sewage systems.

Our mission

Groupe Alfred Boivin is committed to provide, to all their corporate and private clients operating on Canadian soil, innovative products and services that are competitive and meet high standards of quality, reliability and provide an environmental guarantee. It contributes significantly to the profitability of each one of their companies with the installation of high standards of performance, effectiveness and confidence.

Our values

For us, respect, integrity, innovation, creativity, efficiency and precision are the paramount concerns and values of the group.


  • Our commitment of profitability to our shareholders;
  • Our contractual commitments to quality, time and cost to our clients and suppliers;
  • Our commitments toward our employees;
  • Our commitments as a corporative citizen (environment).


  • Towards our clients, our shareholders and our employees.

Innovation and creativity

  • In the solutions offered to the clients;
  • In the management of our operations.

Efficiency and precision

  • In our customer service;
  • In our relationship with our employees, clients and shareholders;
  • In the management of operating procedures;
  • In the management of our products and service quality.

Just as the founding father built, starting with the very the first truck, a reputation of rigor and a job well done, Groupe Alfred Boivin continues to advance and improve to remain, and forever be, a business that shines through their accomplishments.  This reputation has already been established among our clients with the highest standards of quality and safety such as Rio Tinto Alcan, the Minister of Transport Québec and Defence Construction Canada.

The achievements of the group, from large-scale to the smallest of operations, mark the local landscape and that of several other regions in Québec. In fact, the group was able to export masterfully their high quality guarantee outside the city in which it was created in 1947. These numerous civil engineering projects and the acquisition of diverse and active affiliates working in various fields connected to the civil engineering sector, makes Groupe Alfred Boivin a leader from any stand point.