Groupe Alfred Boivin

Innovation Industrielle Boivin

Innovation Industrielle BoivinInnovation Industrielle Boivin is a company that specializes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals recovery, industrial waste recovery, waste treatment, industrial equipment reclamation, machining and manufacturing.

Stemming from the expertise acquired by Groupe Alfred Boivin in the fields of civil engineering (since 1947) and the environment (since 1993), Innovation Industrielle Boivin (IIB) continues to evolve and has been since 2002. Having a mission of satisfying their clients precise requests, their affiliate Groupe Alfred Boivin, can accommodate large companies, especially aluminum manufacturers and the various parties involved in the mining sector. Innovation Industrielle Boivin excels in metal recycling and decontamination, the sale and the restoration of industrial equipment, industrial waste treatment and products that are specifically designed for their client's operations.

Like the other affiliates of the group, IIB is able to use the many high quality resources, including the diversity of products and services at their disposal and offer their clients ‘turn-key’ solutions.

Innovation Industrielle Boivin

Since it was founded, Innovation Industrielle Boivin has experienced continual growth and has been distinguished through their specialized expertise, innovation and the stability of their skilled and specialized labor force. At Innovation Industrielle Boivin, we find personalized solutions that answer our clients’ needs and expectations in the institutional and private sectors. We are the specialists in industrial manufacturing waste reclamation.

With us, your contaminated materials and industrial equipment will be given a second life. Trust the team of Innovation Industrielle Boivin.