Groupe Alfred Boivin

Innovation Industrielle Boivin

Industrial Manufacturing Waste Reclamation

As a specialist in metals recovery and decontamination, industrial equipment sales and restoration and products that are designed specifically for their clients’ operations, Innovation Industrielle Boivin’s goal is to give a second life to contaminated materials and industrial equipment.

Our specialty is to provide solutions to our clientele to allow for industrial manufacturing waste reclamation and return these substantial savings back to our clients.  This new market is booming and we aim to be the leaders in this industry. To achieve this goal, we focus on the research and development of solutions for our clients.

Récupération métauxIIB has rapidly became known amongst large companies by expanding their activities in terms of metals recovery and industrial waste, notably with the acquisition of important clients, recognized worldwide, such as the various aluminum manufacturers and the various players in the mining sector.

Besides being a partner with the group, Innovation Industrielle Boivin works in collaboration with the FIB plant who supply, design and develop machining services.  Having the resources and ability to find personalized solutions that will meet your needs, Innovation Industrielle Boivin can meet the most demanding of needs and requirements in this domain. 

Over the years, the affiliate of Groupe Alfred Boivin has developed significant expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metals recovery, industrial waste recovery, waste treatment, industrial equipment reclamation, machining and manufacturing.

IIB is undoubtedly another affiliate company that guarantee standards of quality and rigor that elevate the group as a whole.