Groupe Alfred Boivin

Innovation Industrielle Boivin

Our Products and Services

Innovation Industrielle Boivin offers their clients in the institutional and private sectors, personalized solutions that meet their needs for industrial manufacturing waste reclamation. A partner of confidence, IIB offers recovered products that meet the strictest of guidelines, dimensions and quality to be remade into various alloy materials. 

A visionary and creative company, Innovation Industriel Boivin gives a second life to contaminated material and industrial equipment. Our company is constantly innovating by using advanced equipment, materials and techniques to provide you with the best there is and ensures our work is efficiently carried out.  Your satisfaction is an essential priority for IIB.

Our objective is to offer 'turn-key' products and services that are innovative, competitive and meet the high quality standards in the mining and aluminum sectors.  We are specialized more specifically in ferrous and non-ferrous metals recovery, industrial waste recovery, waste treatment and industrial equipment reclamation.

Research and development

At Innovation Industrielle Boivin, research and development of new technology are the determining factors in the company’s vision.  Since it was created, Innovation Industrielle Boivin has continued to innovate in the industrial decontamination domain.  Our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients in this niche pushes us constantly to develop new tools and processes.

For example, we offer the development and manufacturing of decontamination equipment and established practices for aluminum shearing, iron crushing and aluminum waste processing, to meet the specific needs of our clients in the field of aluminum manufacturing.

With the Innovation Industrielle Boivin team, you will be assured experienced, competent staff who are always looking out for your best interests.