Groupe Alfred Boivin

Innovation Industrielle Boivin

Our achievements

An industrial manufacturing waste reclamation society, more specifically in metals recovery and decontamination, the sales and restoration of industrial equipment and products that are specifically designed for their client's operations, Innovation Industrielle Boivin continues to grow and gain new markets through the completion of large-scale projects.

Operating for over 10 years, Innovation Industrielle Boivin has distinguished themselves through their expertise in specific domains, their innovation, the stability of their labour force and their diversity. It’s due to their high level of expertise in reclamation, recycling, decontamination and design that the company has become one of the largest organizations in their field.  

Innovation Industrielle Boivin's achievements are signed with extraordinary value and expertise.   The range of products and services offered by our company is rich and diverse. Here some of our achievements:

Aluminum shearing Project

Client: Alcan Primary Metal.
Mandate: Aluminum and metals shearing from the different plants in the region for recycling.

Selbaie Mine dismantling project

Mandate: Perform the dismantling and demolition of the Selbaie mine facilities over 150 km from Matagami through a partnership.

Iron crushing project

Client: Alcan Primary Metal Alma plant
Mandate: The crushing of new and recycled iron.

Anode crushing project

Client: Alcan Primary Metal Arvida plant
Mandate: The crushing of anode butts.

Cast house pot cleaning project

Client: Alcan Primary Metal Alma plant
Mandate: The recovery and cleaning of the pots in the cast house basements.

Contaminated steel treatment Project

Client: Aluminerie Alouette
Mandate: Contaminated steel treatment and collection.