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Innovation Industrielle Boivin

About Us

A specialized business in metal recycling and decontamination, the sale and restoration of industrial equipment, industrial waste treatment and products that are specifically designed for their client's operations, Innovation Industrielle Boivin has been operating in this sector since 2002. 

IIB's clientele is composed mainly of large, globally recognized aluminum manufacturers and various parties involved in the mining sector. Over the years, this affiliate company of Groupe Alfred Boivin has developed extensive expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metals recovery, industrial waste recovery, industrial waste treatment, industrial equipment recycling, machining and manufacturing. Besides being partner of the group, Innovation Industrielle Boivin works in close collaboration with the FIB factory.


Located on rue Cantin in Jonquière's industrial park, Fabrication Industrielle Boivin is an equipment and industrial machine manufacturing and recycling plant. In constant collaboration with the others in the group, more particularly with the affiliate Innovation Industrielle Boivin, FIB is a machining, design and manufacturing service supplier. Having the resources and the capacities to fulfill the group's internal requirements, FIB is undoubtedly another affiliate company that guarantees standards of quality and rigor that elevate the company as a whole.

If you require personalized solutions that meet your needs for industrial manufacturing waste reclamation, Innovation Industrielle Boivin will satisfy your most demanding requirements in this field.