Groupe Alfred Boivin

Our associates

Since they began in 1947, Groupe Alfred Boivin has continued to grow and develop their expertise in various spheres of activity connected to the civil engineering sector. Rental equipment and specialized transportation are perfect examples. Over time, our company has etched a place and paved their way by expanding their market and client base through the collaboration of each affiliate.

Through all their affiliates, Groupe Alfred Boivin offers a multitude of services specialized for industrial or residential clients. Having quality resources at our disposal in every area of the company makes it possible to complete successfully our valued customer’s requests, no matter the complexity.

Illustrating exemplary skills and incomparable expertise, Groupe Alfred Boivin is proud of the many achievements that each one of their affiliates has achieved thus far. It is through the diversity of each of their 7 affiliates that Groupe Alfred Boivin's excellence shines through their many years of experience and exceptional know-how.

The group currently has 7 affiliates:

Entreprises Alfred Boivin (EAB);
Transport Alfred Boivin (TAB);
Innovation Industrielle Boivin (IIB);
Le Domaine du Saguenay (DS);
Les Gestions Groupe Boivin;
Dynamitage Forage Boivin (DFB);
Canalisations RM(CRM).

Our affiliates work in the following fields:

Groupe Alfred Boivin currently has 10 affiliates, operating in many different spheres of activity such as:

  • Civil engineering projects;
  • Blasting and drilling;
  • Snow removal;
  • Quarry and crushing operations;
  • Short and long hauls, heavy or light, across Canada and the United States;
  • Residential, commercial and industrial real estate;
  • Industrial manufacturing waste reclamation;
  • Industrial equipment and materials recycling;
  • Mobile home park management;
  • Management and consolidation of industrial sewage systems.

Whatever your needs may be for specialized transportation, drilling and blasting, excavation, the environment or the industrial and real estate sectors, Groupe Alfred Boivin's numerous affiliates will ensure your satisfaction.

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