Groupe Alfred Boivin

About us

Groupe Alfred Boivin is a company that was born in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area in 1947. Its founder, Mr. Alfred Boivin, started the company in Chicoutimi using the company’s first ever truck. With a primary specialization relating to the civil engineering sector, word of the company spread fast with their expansion into various sectors such as transportation, drilling and blasting, civil construction, the environment, including the real estate and industrial sectors.

This diversification made it possible for Groupe Alfred Boivin to be recognized as a leader in the civil engineering sector and carve a place for the strategic execution of large-scale projects. Operating for over 70 years, Groupe Alfred Boivin has grown remarkably through the acquisition of more than 600 units in the fleet of heavy machinery allowing it to have a large client base and one that is well renowned.

From 1993 to 1998, Groupe Alfred Boivin acquired specific expertise in environmental and integrated waste management. This knowledge made it possible for the group to offer these services under the name “Innovation Industrielle Boivin” who specializes in industrial manufacturing waste reclamation and recycling industrial equipment and materials. For more information regarding these services, visit the "Innovation Industrielle Boivin" section.

Besides their original mission in civil engineering related tasks in transportation, drilling and blasting, civil construction, the environment, including real estate and industrial sectors, Groupe Alfred Boivin now has a strategic position in large corporations and large-scale projects.

Today, Groupe Alfred Boivin operates out of offices located in Chicoutimi, Saguenay, where nearly 400 people are employed during high season. It is due to this large team of trained professionals and specialized experts that we are able to offer you, our clients, high quality products and services at competitive prices.

The entrepreneurial spirit is continually contributing to the company's development and the consolidation of their activities. The company is in constant growth with annual revenue of over 75 million dollars.

These skills continue to contribute to the company’s expansion and it is due to this combination that Groupe Alfred Boivin works hard every day to complete your projects with excellence and with the same service quality and equal respect for all. Each project, each client is of equal importance to us.

Groupe Alfred Boivin offers a complete array of products and services through many different fields of expertise, thus enabling them to meet your needs in regards to transportation, drilling and blasting, civil construction, and the environment, including the real estate and industrial sectors.